HTML5 Dress up game developer

Hi there! If you are trying to find html5  developer – so you can hire me! I can convert your flash dress up games to the HTML5 version quick and for the good price – contact me.

Don’t you notice that something changed. I’m sure you’ve noticed that touch screen mobile devices becoming the only personal computer device. No more laptop, and for sure no more desktops. I’m not going to scream how “they” will be performing simple tasks like business or official letters writing, performing documents management or simply creates something. They will be simply consuming. Consuming the data, information, entertainment.


But this is not the point. What you should notice is HTML5 has come. And it happened more rapidly than anybody could imagine. I will tel you, this happened to the mobile devices boom. Even a year ago the main standard for web games was flash. It’s power looks rock solid and nobody could say opposite. Today HTML 5 hammering out Adobe Flash from every corner of the web. The last kick will happened when Google move YouTube service to HTML5.

So the question is, are you ready for HTML5. As for me I found nice trend that major dress up websites facing the half of their visitors are from mobile devices. And their flash game are totally useless for most users except those more advanced found Adobe flash alternative solution. So I decided to use this chance and to suggest my services in convert dress up flash games into html5 games. I got the happy customers, one of them is Sevelina. The earlier you start moving to html5 the more chances you have simply to stay visible on the web, and I’m not talking about totlal success, it is the only step to make your project to survive in html5 environment.. While you reading this article every 3 of 5 new web projects will be created by using html5.

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