Thoughts about Apple MacOS, I like it but…

This conclusion made on my experience of using the following:

MacMini G4 1,42
MacPro G5 dual
Mac Mini 2012 (i7, 16GB)
iMac 27″ 9900K Vega 48 (64GB/1TB)
MacBook Pro M2 Pro 16″ (16/1TB)
numerous Hacintosh builds and simply using macOS(X) since 2004.


  1. Inability to utilize the full screen resolution while scaling fonts and icons. Once you make readable fonts you decrease resolution. What is interesting if you got Windows installed on Mac you can use full resolution and simply scale the fonts.
  2. Lack of familiar keyboard shortcuts such as CTRL+Insert and SHIFT+Insert, as well as a different approach to the Insert key functionality. You can do it in Linux and Windows
  3. Departure from the traditional Cut and Paste philosophy.
  4. Limited text navigation and editing options with only one CMD button as opposed to Control + Arrow combinations.
  5. Absence of a dedicated PrintScreen button, making screenshot capture less intuitive.
  6. Limited ease of access for changing sound sources.
  7. Lack of straightforward language switching setup, similar to the CTRL+SHIFT combination in Windows.
  8. Insufficient built-in file recovery tools in case of data corruption or deletion.
  9. Difficulty in effectively managing occupied storage space generated by macOS.
  10. Missing dedicated END button.
  11. Incompatibility or limited functionality of the FAR Manager (far2l) on macOS. Hard to have full control on your data and files.
  12. Absence of a native PhotoViewer similar to that available in Windows (though deprecated by Microsoft either)
  13. Lack of a basic image editing tool like Microsoft Paint.


  1. Utilization of the Metal graphics system, which enhances performance in graphic-intensive applications (but only in iMovie and Final Cut Pro, no benefits or even worse in Davinci Resolve Studio and Adobe Premier)
  2. Appreciation for the user-friendly concept of software installation via DMG files (although this method may not be applicable to all software, PKG installation create same mess as in Windows).
  3. Praise for the quality of hardware components, including the display and sound. You never build Hacintosh with the same quality and ergonomics for the Apple’s price.
  4. Noteworthy font quality that surpasses that of Windows.