Best file system for Linux

No matter what distribution you are using now, soon or later if you job somehow depend on Linux productivity you will come to hard decision of which file system to use. Prior to start describing pros and cons of each file system and advise something, I would like do express some ideas about hardware part.sgi

Today (Feb 2014) you have various way of keeping information. Outsource way online, special dedicated devices, rented or colocated servers, disks, flash drives, tapes and optical media (CD, DVD, BD). I’m not going to describe all the benefits of each tool. I wish to make some statements which will help you to select suitable files system on disks: HDD or SSD.

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Linux folder size

I love linux systems, but some aspects of using of this system and lack of appropriate tools will always make me irritated. One of the thing I always missing is the analog of Norton Commander (like in MS DOS). The good but definitely not the total alternative is Midnight commander. If ever used both products you definitely know how Midnight Commander (even latest 4.8.2) is very simplified in comparison with old Norton Commander 3.0 which is almost 12 years old (and I’m not talking about 5.5 version of NC).

So as you see the most advanced file manager for Linux console available still cannot perform such a simple task like show size of specified folder.

There are many separate Linux utills but I will bring the example which I like most. First change the folder you wish to check size for:

cd /yourfoldername

after type

du -h | tail -n 1

It will show the size of the folder including the files in sub-folders. See the screen shot below.

Show folder size of folder in linux system

Format disk in Linux system

Adding and formatting new disk is possible in Linux.

Here the basics. You can use fdisk command.

Type fdisk – l

Fdisk command in Linux

The other way to see presented disks in Linux system is to type  ls /dev/sd*

Disk levices list in Linux

Now you know which disks and partitions exist on the Linux system, and what you would like to format.

The tool mkfs is enough to progress simple formatting. For example to format your partition on disk is necessary

mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda1