HTML5 Dress up game developer

Hi there! If you are trying to find html5  developer – so you can hire me! I can convert your flash dress up games to the HTML5 version quick and for the good price – contact me.

Don’t you notice that something changed. I’m sure you’ve noticed that touch screen mobile devices becoming the only personal computer device. No more laptop, and for sure no more desktops. I’m not going to scream how “they” will be performing simple tasks like business or official letters writing, performing documents management or simply creates something. They will be simply consuming. Consuming the data, information, entertainment. Continue reading

What after PRISM

First time I heard it from the Sky news, about some guy who traveled from Hon-Kong to Russia, and who revealed some secrets of American national security. So I did not pay much attention to this shit as UK and all western countries reporters like to attract attention with something special. After 3 days of continuous punching my brain with this occasion I sent some time to read more carefully about it. Continue reading

Touch screen degradation – or how the new world order is coming

Touch screen technology. Wow! Well, it was a Wow several years ago, now it is and ordinary daily event in our life. The technology arrived, proved it’s usability and reliability, fit with the market price and everybody seems to be happy. I cannot say I’m not happy, I got such a feeling that I know why it was pushed so hard by some forces who own this world. The answer is simple – degradation and brainwashing. Let me explain. Continue reading