Linux web server Nginx


Being IT (not a developer) I was always searching for simple easy tune-able and effective solutions. First web server I've managed was IIS 2.0 on Windows NT 4.0 Server. In 1998 it was more than enough for University web page and I was as happy as Larry, and was very proud of my skills thinking that it is rock solid solution for ages 🙂

The year 2002 was my graduation, the university admin who replaced me on this post was surprised to see IIS 4.0, and as he said that I had a MustDie! solution. He was the one who showed me Apache, which I hated since my first contact due to I was complete fool in Linux, and continued to use IIS for any tasks in any job places where it was requested until 2005 when I've tasted the power of Linux as a file server and as a proxy server. I was stubbornly continue to use IIS until I've met a demanding PHP developer appeared in the company I work and he almost ate my brain insisting to move company server to APACHE. Yes! that's appeared to be amazing, while I've was quite fluent in Linux and had perfect back server where I've played a lot with apache, and thanks Lance he thought me  all he knew about Apache, I've completely abandoned IIS 6.5 and became LAMP guy. 

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Apache web server

What I think about Apache, well it is Apache first of all, mature and reliable, perfectly documented we servers. What else ? It’s standard… but not for me. I’ve made my choice – Nginx. So you will not find much stuff about Apache here. However if you have small web project with low traffic – Apache will be best solution for, do not shit your brain with Nginx and PHP-FPM shaman rituals.



Which Linux to choose

My first experience with linux was in 1997 when I've tried SlackWare linux 5.0. I remember how I've installed it and look like a reindeer on black screen waiting for the interface, but see nothing, only black screen and #root with blinking cursor. Well… I continued to use Windows NT 4.0 server and silently thinking about linuxzzzz guys as masochists stacked in DOS era. Until bad stuff happened. The project I appeared to be involved in requested from me to create file server for my Linguistics University library with 10 500 000 small TXT files obtained from metropolitan. Having quite fast SCSI in RAID-5 devices I couldn't realize why the performance is so slow. Another fact that this library set could contains up to 60 sub sub sub folder in depth with different languages folders names and up to 13000 thousands files per folder, by which smart gurus explained me that NTFS file system will not cope with it. 

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Hardware for stable web service

Hardware power is never enough. But should we buy new one. I think the best way is to squeeze out the most from what you got already. Since 1995 I've touched almost well know brand IBM, HP and Dell, from low and to enterprise, and I can say all of the are reliable and easy to mange, but … until you don't pay for them. So if you a start-up counting each pence in your pocket than you should choose the chip, easy upgradeable, easy recoverable hardware. As the "Automatism theory" says that you can build a reliable system if you use many unreliable components, means you can follow it as a mantra an build your rock solid solution. 

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