Sony VAIO cpu cleaning

All laptops, I’m talking about proper laptops, but not the tiny slow net-books, do always produce heat. This is the payment for performance and you have to live with it. So cooler is necessary and not avoidable part of these devices. Cooler will always intake dust, and in a month or two you will notice that the sound of cooler is louder than the voice of your opponent in Skype, while the person you speak will complain that it barely possible to hear you due to this noise. Continue reading

iPod comparison – iPod 4 vs iPod 5.

Here the small comparison of two latest and currently available on market iPods. iPod 4 touch and iPod 5.

I hate when marketing departments of the companies try to heavily affect on every-bodies mind ensuring people that THIS device is “revolutionary super mega new stuff”. Extremely rotten approach which is the standard for our society. Continue reading