iPod comparison – iPod 4 vs iPod 5.

Here the small comparison of two latest and currently available on market iPods. iPod 4 touch and iPod 5.

I hate when marketing departments of the companies try to heavily affect on every-bodies mind ensuring people that THIS device is “revolutionary super mega new stuff”. Extremely rotten approach which is the standard for our society. Anyway, they don’t what to do that, to give the clear and simple comparison with previous (already non-profitable products) somebody else like me will spend some time and dig-out this simple data for everybody. And this miserable comparison from Apple is not honest  I know for sure that you saw pictures of the both, so I’ll paste only pure technical specifications.

Here you are iPod 5 vs iPod 4 touch compiled by ITRESIDENT

Model iPod 5 iPod 4 touch
Object specifications
Weight 88 grams 101 grams
Width 58.6 mm 58.9 mm
Height 123.4 mm 111.4 mm
Depth 6.1 mm 7.2 mm
Screen size 10.16 mm (4-inch) 8.89 mm (4-inch)
Screen specifications
Screen resolution 1136-by-640-pixel 960-by-640-pixel
Contrast ratio 800:1 800:1
Brightness 500 cd/m2 max 500 cd/m2 max
Connectivity specifications
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
TV Apple TV (3rd generation)
CPU Apple A5 1Ghz, 2 cores, 32 nm Apple A4 1Ghz, 1 core, 45 nm
RAM 512 MB 256 MB
ROM 32-64 GB 8-32 GB
OS iOS 6 iOS 5
Video camera
Rear HD 1080p 30 frames p/s HD 720p 30 frames p/s
Front HD 720p 30 frames p/s 640×480 30 frames p/s
Focus Autofocus Autofocus
Photo camera
Rear 5 MP iSight 0.7 MP
Front 1.2 MP 0.3 MP
Focus Autofocus Autofocus
Battery & Power
Capacity 1140 mAh 930 mAh (2680mAh clones)
Connection ports and buttons
Headphone 3.5 mm jack 3.5 mm jack
Special Lightning connector
Volume Single button UP/DOWN Single button UP/DOWN
Specific features
Location sensor Three-axis gyro Three-axis gyro
Movement sensor Accelerometer Accelerometer
Release date
Available October 2012 September 2010
(October 2012) at Amazon 300 USD 180 USD

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