Sony VAIO cpu cleaning

All laptops, I’m talking about proper laptops, but not the tiny slow net-books, do always produce heat. This is the payment for performance and you have to live with it. So cooler is necessary and not avoidable part of these devices. Cooler will always intake dust, and in a month or two you will notice that the sound of cooler is louder than the voice of your opponent in Skype, while the person you speak will complain that it barely possible to hear you due to this noise.

Smart guys from nearest IT service shop will suggest you wonderful compressed air cleaner, which I can suggest to stick it in their… well you decide where ­čÖé The most reliable way it to open the notebook and clean it.

preparation to open notebook

Ader cover view, inside view vaio









Here the simple steps of opening the laptop. Pictures describe it better than my boring writing. Just take your Sony laptop and open it.

Now the small explanation. The cooling performance usually depends on the amount of dust and other small wastes on the cooler and radiator which sucked in with the air flow.








Well at this part just take a brush a blow all unneeded stuff away. The main idea is to remember which screw is coming from to have ability to assemble it back.








After all these manipulations you screw everything  back and can enjoy cool silent performance for the next 2-3 month. In half a year you can repeat this procedure.
If you notebook is your took, you should take care about it like a bout a gun, and clean it with love. Guys own the weapon can understand me.


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