Repair power supply for laptop

Here I will share my experience how I fixed power supply for my Sony laptop.

It happened one day without any reason, plug in my almost discharged laptop to power supply and connected it to the current socket. Instead for charging the battery I heard ticking sound, green indicator was off, and not sign of charging at all. And it happened in the worst possible moment when I was at my parents house in small city where delivery could take up to 3-5 days. All the shops in the town worked only by pre-order (I hate it so much). And my Linux server cannot wait until I connect it to view the logs.

Well the only way out was to open it and to try to find out what was the reason of this failure.
The first problem was with opening the power supply. There were no screws and no signs of proper way of opening this device. So I took the decision to open it by using simple knife and hammer. Yes, I simply cut it by hitting the plastic (of course carefully) to open the shell of power supply. Here the few pictures of the opening process.

This was the most risky part, but after all effort it’s appeared to be possible to open it without break breaks of plastic. The next step required to find the old soldering iron and here the picture to understand why it needed.

You see this till pimp, so there is no way to open it carefully without welding it.

Here you can see the adapter under plastic and metal shells. It is filled with some polymer foam, I bet other brands do the same.

Here the old good soldering Iron

Pin removing will give us access under the metal plates.

Here the power supply “without skin”

Now it’s time for testing. In few seconds it is clear that the problem caused by short-circuit of the cable leads to laptop.

After disconnecting one of the pin and switching it on the ticking sound dissapeared

And the indicator is now stable green.

Here another view of the working indicator

Disconnected short-circuited lead (just to make it more clear)

After small research the place of short-circuit was found, it’s appeared to be connector plug.

All the rest was the matter of cord fixing

Some welding

And completing everything back by using big amount of superglue.

At the end I wish to add that it is quite hard to kill your laptop power supply. If you use it with proper current socket and you power supplier is not like in Kenya, you do not hit it and bend the cables it can survive much longer than even your laptop. And the most common issue for this is simple physical damage of the cable. The total process took 25 minutes for my father to make it, while I was taking the pictures. I hope this post will help you to save some cash.


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