MNP in Russia

Mobile number portability, extremely nice feature that usually pushed by governments to force communication providers to allow their user to keep numbers while moving to another operator. Operators hate it with furious anger, but this is what the deservers in term of income and greediness they live with.

Russia possibly will be last country who will adopt this regulation in future. Somebody says January 2014. The operators lobbies were postponing it since 2006 and do this quite successfully. They were trying to appellate with various technical problems, with explanations that we customers do not need MNP in Russia, that this service will cost us a fortune. But thankfully to president Putin this will be at last resolved.

To describe how I hate mobile operators around the world is to say nothing. For instance for GSM signal they occupied the most “tasty” frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ, means ordinary people cannot use them, and more of that will be heavily punished for destructing the work of this cellular companies, again, due the pushed laws made by their lobbies in government.

This MNP event will make them to work much harder, try to low their profit and invest into quality of the GSM / 3g service. Once you don’t like the service, you can always move to another operator.

What is more interesting the anti-monopoly agency (FAS) in Russia works quite effectively, means operators will have no ability to agree for the prices rising, they have only way, to honestly raise the quality of service.

I wish more such regulations existing in this monetary world, who wish only to invest and do nothing, making the money to produce the money.  So we are waiting for January 2014 to see that happened.

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