Touch screen degradation – or how the new world order is coming

Touch screen technology. Wow! Well, it was a Wow several years ago, now it is and ordinary daily event in our life. The technology arrived, proved it’s usability and reliability, fit with the market price and everybody seems to be happy. I cannot say I’m not happy, I got such a feeling that I know why it was pushed so hard by some forces who own this world. The answer is simple – degradation and brainwashing. Let me explain. If the person is using touch screen he is more oriented to get some content rather than to share, I’m not talking about photo and video uploading. The creativity or invention or simple typing of something useful or job oriented is almoast impossible. Touch touch touch! Get get get! nothing else, but while you are doing such a “heavy” intellectual task, you constantly bombarded with advertisements. Yes, tons of adverts. And the more “easy to use” your gadget, the more it is hard to install any ads blockers on this device. Android already prohibited such plugins while you browsing Google play.

So what have we learned? Billions of devices with the nice colored surface, which tons of “free content” where advertisements can firmware people brains day by day. So at this present moment we stepping in the “era of life style corporations” . I can predict the following that each of this corporation will soon be able to provide following list of gadgets, real world and virtual services.

  • ISP provider. No matter which connectivity channel will be in reality, the agreement of connection to get access to the internet will be provided by life style corporation. As a fact non changeable DNS will be obligated term. Very possible in the nearest future. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Apple are able to provide such a service worldwide. Facebook and Goole are hardly investing into fiber channels around the world, especially in South East Asia. All these companies building their own data centers around the world.
  • Access terminal. Now days we can simply call the access devices. It could be anything: desktop PC, Laptop, Notebook, Netbook, Pad PC, or smartphone. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Apple with more or less success already provided such devices under their brand on the market, and guess what is the most successful around. Yes! Touchscreen pads and phones.
  • E-mail service. This line does not require any comment.
  • VoIP and Video Teleconferencing. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Apple all of them with various success provide such a service. All your thoughts, hopes and ideas talked to the friends is part of corporation which provided you with this service.
  • Remote storage of your personal data. iCloud, SkyDrive, Google Drive, Yahoo Mozy. Very logical solution. You cannot store something important on the mobile device which could be broken or stolen. Keep it on corporate storage. Just slide the nice pics on you touch screen and drag them into the provided storage. Relax, don’t think, it is “unbelievably” secure.
  • Social life. Yo! Hallelujah! Ecah of these corporation can suggest such a network where people can virtually breed. It bump the last nail into your privacy existence, giving the corporation full access to your personality. Keep pushing like button on your touch screen, it’s nice and easy.
  • Search engine. Corporation really interesting in your need, so this is another tool to collect this valuable data.
  • Once everything works smoothly, each corporation provide you the shoeing services, already with pre- studied needs of your life. Properly saved cookies and the log of liked buttons with save queries of from the search engine with data about you financial activity will generate on the virtual shelf the goods of your dream exactly suitable for you and fir with the price you can pay.

The device you are taking every where with you like touchscreen can easy detect you location. For sure you can doubt that the device with my logged in account to all the mentioned services above can be taken by somebody else and I will fool everybody, but in the end, the only fooled person will be you. The latest touch technologies can scan the prints of your finger, so the location of your device will be extremely genius, until you chop the finger to make somebody fool.

What is missing in the suggested list are banking services from these monsters: Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Apple. Also job and accommodation management solutions can close the cycle of segregating people among these lifestyle corporations. Unemployed person will take such a “support” with big smile and will sign any funny paper for opportunity to get accommodation, food, job and internet access terminal for the number of limitations which gives the access to services only in the environment of these corporations but not between them.

So the touchscreen is the first but extremely fundamental step to build the new-world order society. I cannot say something wrong about this society because I’m part of it, but you don’t need to be genies to understand where it leads us to, this heavily smells what Orwell said in his story 1984.


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