Windows 8 – death for desktop workstation

As for desktop I was purely Microsoft guy, I used initially MS-DOS 3.3 with wonderful Norton Commander from Symantec. From time to time I was using JustWrite text editor in Windows 3.11.

Magic happened when I tried Windows Chicago, in my 15 I could not fully evaluate how good or bad it was, but in 1996 I’ve obtained the copy of Windows 95 and loved the deskop interface trough all the versions of windows until Windows 7. But after 16 years of my Microsoft desktop  experience shit happened. The first ring bells of incoming shit happened with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but those people in Microsoft who was responsible for interface still were in good condition and left the ability of Windows Classic menu. But since Windows 8 the touch screen disease heavily affected this part of the Microsoft developer team and ugly illogical Windows 8 UI was born.

Well, the first experience with Windows 8 was not so negative, I was aware about this metro interface in Windows 8 and was not against to test it. I’ve researched all possible “Start Button Back utilities”. After applying last one from the list of both freeware and commercial utilities I’ve came to conclusion that this is it. There is not way to get back fully functional Windows Classic interface. Windows 8 was really rebuilt to the core. All my effort succeeded only with cosmetic changes, and the nearest to “almost done” solutions like and just provided a real mess and stability thread.

The funny non-skip welcome menu for totally dump-ass users make you to wait more than a minute.

Windows 8 UI welcome

So I’m still on Windows 7 SP1. The end of mainstream support of Windows 7 is at the end of 2014. So it is almost in a year. End of extended support support until 2020 does not give a confidence since I saw how it was maintain with Windows XP and Vista. So it is time to choose.  What to pick in term of desktop workstation. Any professional who generates content or crating something else, but not consuming it as majority touchscreen loosers will never accept Windows 8 concept: “Yo! Touch the screen button and lets have fun!”, sorry need some time for proper vomiting 🙂


As for server there is no doubt that Linux and Mac OS X server will do everything even better than Windows Server 2012. I’m not the oracle but Windows 2012 will be the worst selling server product ever Microsoft experienced. But as for desktop it will be extremely hard choice, too much business are “flashed” on Microsoft.  Since the Hackintosh is quite usual event now days I’ve made my decision to move on Mac OS X for daily activity while work with PC. I’m more than happy to pay real price to Apple for this software and to be honest I would buy it even if it will cost more, that is what I cannot say about Apple hardware, but this is another story.

I understand that Microsoft don’t give a shit about me – single IT guy who will move him and every customer and the company I will be responsible for or hired for to other OS, but I’m sure that I’m not along in this statement. And all this headache is about Windows 8 UI concept.

And the last thing to add. What makes me really scared that loosy touchscreen concept can also affect Mac OS X and my favorite Linux Distributives. For sure it is possible to use many available classic desktops like KDE, Gnome or XFCE, but the danger of this disease that it affects good people so rapidly that it can affect open-source society in a year or two.

Windows 8 start button back

After several attempts, I’ve made this look like UI for his Windows 8 desktop on the laptop of my on my customers. You know what he said? “WTF with the Start button !?”

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