LPVO Sights

LPVO stands for “Low Power Variable Optic.” It is a type of rifle scope that is designed for use at close- to medium-range distances, typically from 1x to 6x magnification, in some cases up to 10x. LPVO scopes have a variable magnification feature that allows the user to adjust the magnification level, typically by turning a knob or using a lever. This allows for quick and easy adjustments to the scope’s magnification level in response to changing shooting conditions. They are popular among shooters and hunters because they allow for quick target acquisition and increased accuracy at a variety of distances. They are also known as red dots, holographic, or prism scopes.

Sig Sauer SOT61239 Tango6T Rifle Scope, 1-6X24MM, 30MM, FFP, DWLR6
Sig Sauer SOT61239 Tango6T Rifle Scope, 1-6X24MM, 30MM, FFP, DWLR6
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Scopes and sights

Scopes were developed as a way to improve accuracy and precision when shooting at longer distances. Before the invention of scopes, shooters had to rely on iron sights, which can be difficult to use at longer ranges and in low light conditions.

Rifle scope
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What about WiFi WPA3 in 2023 ?

WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access III) is the latest wireless security standard developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It was released in 2018 as an improvement over WPA2, providing enhanced security features such as stronger encryption and improved authentication methods. One of the key features of WPA3 is the use of the Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE) protocol, which provides additional protection against dictionary attacks and other forms of password-based hacking. Additionally, WPA3 also includes a feature called “individualized data encryption” that ensures that even if a hacker intercepts a data packet, they will not be able to read its contents.

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WPA3 Incoming!


Our needs.

If you pay any attention to the word security you definitely got password on your Wi-Fi. And this is it ? Only password? I got bad news for you. Any IT professional with some spare time or/and motivation can access you Wi-Fi, and after get access in your home or company network. So available nowadays and uses as something natural like air or water Wi-Fi is not so simple thing.

To maintain properly secured Wi-Fi is a hard job. Somebody think that they got nothing to hide, and this misunderstanding could cost them nightmares until the end of their life, especially if your PC connected permanently to targeted Wi-Fi.  What is more important that Wi-Fi is not the cable you can control access to. Anybody can try to attack the Wi-Fi you are using, from your beloved neighbor to authorities who got some suspicious questions to you. And if you just unboxed the Wi-Fi router and following quick-step-guide installed the ISP settings and password you did nothing to protect you data. Ecpecialy if you are lazy enough to use WPS option – the best door for all type of Wi-Fi attacks. Continue reading