Black Arrow fraud

ba logoHere is the story about Black Arrow fraud company where I’m unfortunately the main participant.

As an ordinary IT guy I decided to try myself in the world of cryptocurency minining. In August 2013 I’ve bought a huge ATX motherboard with 4 PCI-e slots and expensive AMD video cards. The choice of concurrency for mining was BitCoin. I’ve registered with 50BTC pool and mined something about 1.2 coins until the 50BTC pool was hacked. Later on I’ve dropped all the video cards (somebody received a perfect present) and decided to buy a specific mining equipment for BTC.

During October 2013 I was browsing around the mining forums, trying to understand what is scam and what is real in the concurrency world. Majority suggestions on the market were absolute fraud websites which suggested various ideas to bump your pocket and to fool you in polite manner. So I’ve made up my mind and in December 2013 I’ve  ordered Bitcoin miner from Black Arrow fraud company, a model Prospero X-3  for $6000 USD. 

While you are reading this, I hope you are not one of these customers like me, who did the same order from Black Arrow fraud company, so I will not ruine your mood for the rest of the day.

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US is no longer CPU empire. Elbrus-4C

The world is changing rapidly. I’m glad to announce that more and more alternative CPU appeared today. Since the leadership now belong to US companies like Intel and AMD, and British ARM, there is another release of newest Russian CPU – “Elbrus-4C”. It’s predecessor “Elbrus 2C+” was good enough for almost any real world needs, but this new “Elbrus-4C” is almost equal to modern desktop and server CPU the market leaders.


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InnoDB memcached plugin

Everyone who ever used MySQL under heavy load faced the performance problem. There numerous manuals and advises, tricks and “how to ?” examples. But you will definitely not find the solution which suits 100% for your project and will fix all your issues. You have to learn it. You have to spend your time.

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Best file system for Linux

No matter what distribution you are using now, soon or later if you job somehow depend on Linux productivity you will come to hard decision of which file system to use. Prior to start describing pros and cons of each file system and advise something, I would like do express some ideas about hardware part.sgi

Today (Feb 2014) you have various way of keeping information. Outsource way online, special dedicated devices, rented or colocated servers, disks, flash drives, tapes and optical media (CD, DVD, BD). I’m not going to describe all the benefits of each tool. I wish to make some statements which will help you to select suitable files system on disks: HDD or SSD.

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