BP-Activity BuddyPress

Here is small advice for those who uses buddy press plugin for WordPress. This is awesome plugin, but if your server is heavy loaded you can notice that your MySQL performance can heavily drop if you are using buddypress for a long time. I was wondering why it’s happening. I tried all possible solutions from increasing the power of MySQL server, like multi-threaded expensive Xeon CPUs, SSD disk, RAM disk later on, but the problem of various testers and performance checkers points me to DB problems issue. So I came to the point that I need some how to remove the data from bp_activity table. Continue reading

What MySQL version to choose

The answer looks to be very simple. It depends on the Linux distribution you are using. The best is to use built-in version into your distribution.

I do not recommend to build own version especially for production server, leave it to who got time for this.

What to do if your distribution got old version of MySQL like it usually happens with CentOS ? Use another good known repositories repositories. It is more safe than to build your own MySQL.

Another thing you have pay attention is that version from version new features might be not functional with you previous configurations.

Usually MySQL config file store in /etc/my.cnf; This file could contain your own config settings, but after update they could be not functional with new version, so it’s better to backup this file and to remove it form /etc location and use generic file, by adding one by one parameters from your previously saved my.cnf file.

As for me I use Les RPM de Remi as repository for CentOS to install MySQL. It is always fresh and tuned there and I never had any problem with update or remove of MySQL with this repository.