Linux CentOS

Please note this is specific manual (non general installation).

Why Linux CentOS ? First of all it is the replica of RedHat. Second – it is stable, if the package is inside the CentOS – means this package is almost bugs free. Third – if you wish to install new packages and avoid dependencies hell, you can use standard YUM and be happy. It is also the only true alternative to RedHat linux.

So which way of installation to choose ?

I prefer CentOS x64 bit version, due to the heavy load web projects   requires definitely more than 4GB of RAM. I also prefer CentOS network boot installation where you can get only 15 MB file like ‘CentOS-5.6-x86_64-netinstall.iso‘. Such a small image will give you opportunity to install you server via the following tools like KVMoverIP and brand solutions like DRAC (Dell), RSA (IBM) or iLo (HP).

Once you’ve downloaded the image and will start installation you will see the screen like this.

CentOS boot parametes

I suggest the following parameters after boot: linux text ext4 Continue reading