Hardware for stable web service

Hardware power is never enough. But should we buy new one. I think the best way is to squeeze out the most from what you got already. Since 1995 I've touched almost well know brand IBM, HP and Dell, from low and to enterprise, and I can say all of the are reliable and easy to mange, but … until you don't pay for them. So if you a start-up counting each pence in your pocket than you should choose the chip, easy upgradeable, easy recoverable hardware. As the "Automatism theory" says that you can build a reliable system if you use many unreliable components, means you can follow it as a mantra an build your rock solid solution. 

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Proper place for heavy load web server

Good question…  what is proper? The answer is – your budget will determined what is proper. My proposals will be suitable for Web Servers with PHP projects, using MySQL as a database and Nginx as a web server.

I do not speak here about hired dedicated servers or hostings. Only collocation with proper server or even your company/home server room with serious ISP channel will be reviewed here.

If you will go to collocation, in most cases you will be limited by corporate style rack servers, though there are might be some options how to avoid huge expenses.

If will build company/home server room, than the great number of possibilities how to save the money and make service reliable will become available for you.

The biggest pros of colocation are:
1) Security.
2) Monitoring.
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