Vodafone Australia

Vodafone Australia is a mobile telephone company, a subsidiary of Vodafone Plc operating in Australia. Vodafone Australia is a non-listed, wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Plc (which is based in the UK) focusing solely on providing mobile telephony services.

Phone products include 3G prepaid and postpaid mobile services, on the GSM mobile network. Vodafone live! is Vodafone’s mobile Internet service.

Vodafone’s Globalstar integrated satellite/digital service covers 100 per cent of the Australian continent and up to 200 nautical miles (370 km) from the mainland. The GSM mobile service covers 93 per cent of the population. In a media release issued on the 27th May 2008, Vodafone claimed 4.031 million mobile telephone customers connected across Australia (including 0.341 million connected to MVNOs).

Mobile phone saturation in Australia is at 90.1 per cent, and mobile phones now far outnumber fixed lines. There is strong growth in pre-paid services: as of June 2005, 47% of mobile users were pre-paid, and is estimated to grow to 54.4% by 2008.



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