GSM operators in the UK.

Hello everybody,

Today I will share with you my experience of using UK GSM operator. You can look at the major operator here at this page.

Since I’ve came the UK in 2002 I’ve tried ALL available networks on the market. I couldn’t believe that it possible to have such a poor GSM signal quality in the country which is the member of G8. I’m not talking about the service or the price. I’m talking about signal quality and sound quality. That’s shit. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve changed 11 address around UK during 7 years and I know what I’m talking about.

Imagine, even in London, there are places where NONE of operators provide the service (some places in Sydenham hill, Herne Hill and Crystal Palace).

Travelling on major “M” motorway could not guarantee you that you can ask for help in case of troubles if you need it over your GSM mobile.

I was trying to find explanation to it. And I think I found it. Its health & safety regulation the force provider to limit the signal lever to 32 Db. Obviously that’s dramatically decrease the coverage distance of antenna. The proper Macro antenna should be 30 m height and at least 50 Db. In reality major antennas in large cities are macro cell antennas with 5-10 Db signal strength.

The best way to check what you can get in you area in UK is to visit this website .


Good luck, and have a nice signal.


    • I’ve used T-Mobile, Vodafone, SinglePoint, Orange, 3G, Fresh, 02.

      The O2 is not bad now. I’ve never been in Canada, but I can suppose the the signal is limited on large areas like Canada.

  1. considering the poor signal quality of SergioXII’s mobile phone I believe that his phone has reception problems due to low sensitivity of the receiver. Try to get help from a Radio Ham!


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